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There are plenty of networking devices used on a daily basis. If you want to tweak their settings you need to log in to their web-based management dashboard using a specific address called the IP address. is the default IP address used by various routers. You can log in using this address and reach the settings of the router and customize them according to your requirements.

This 16-bit private IP address is used by many router brands. This web page will help you provide information about the same. You will also learn the process of Dlinkrouter.local Login along with quick tips and tricks to resolve any issues in the process.

What is

How to Log in to Router Using

Some examples of routers that use as the default IP address are Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, Linksys, Asus, TP–Link, Zyxel, etc.

This very section helps shed light on the router login process using the IP address.

Quick Tip: The primary requirement to be able to log in to the admin panel using the IP address is that the device (computer/laptop) that you are using to log in must be connected to the router’s network.

The ahead given instructions will help you to log in:

Pro Tip: Wired connections are always much more reliable than wireless connections. It is hence, suggested to use an Ethernet (RJ 45) cable to join the router to the modem. The same is suggested for computer-router connectivity.

This wraps the login process of your router via the default IP address You can now go ahead and modify the settings of your router the way you require.

Good to Know: Most routers have default login credentials. When you log in for the first time, you use these login details. However, it is suggested to change the default admin values to secure your network.

The login process using the IP address is easy. But what if you face issues while logging in? Let us help you! Login Not Working?

Check the IP Address

Are you sure you are using the right IP address to log in? Making typos while inserting the address cause issues. Also, as mentioned earlier, not all routers use the same IP address. We suggest you refer to the user manual of your router to verify the same.

Use an Updated Browser

Using an older browser version may prevent the login from happening. It is thus suggested to update the browser that you are using to its recent version instantly. Along with this, clean its cache and cookies and then try to log in.

Fix the Connections

Faulty connections are bound to cause login troubles. Having a look at the way the devices are connected may help you identify any wrong or unstable connections. Besides, make sure that the computer is connected to the router’s SSID or there is a wired connection between them.

Disable VPN

In case you use VPN then we recommend you to disable it for the time being. Once the login is done, you can enable it.

Refrain From Using Search Bar

Bear in mind that using the search bar of the browser to type will not help. Use only the address bar to insert the IP address.

The tips given here will help you log in to your router using IP address without any problem. The reoccurrence of the issue demands you to power cycle the network wherein you will switch off the router and modem and remove all the cables connected to them. After waiting for some time, make all the connections and switch on the devices. You can easily log in now.

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