Dlinkap.local: FAQs

1. What is Dlink extender login URL?

Ans. The login URL for your D’link WiFi range extender is dlinkap.local. The default IP address can also be used to log in.

2. How to set up my D-Link extender via web browser?

Ans. Connect your computer to the extender’s network. Visit dlinkap.local on an updated browser on your PC. Keep executing the instructions further to complete the setup process.

3. What is the default IP address of the D’link extender?

Ans. The default IP address of the Dlink extender is

4. Why I can not log in to dlinkap.local?

Ans. You might have entered the login web address incorrectly in the URL bar of the browser. Detailed troubleshooting can be found here.

5. What is the admin password of my D-Link extender?

Ans. Leave the password field blank if you haven’t set a customized value to it.

6. How to change Dlink admin password?

Ans. Log in to the admin panel of your extender by leaving the password field blank if you haven’t changed it. After that, click Management > Admin. Enter the new password and save the settings.

7. Do D’link extenders work with any router?

Ans. Yes! You can connect your extender with any router model.

8. Why is my extender not connecting?

Ans. Fix the LAN cable connection between the extender and the host router. In case the devices are connected wirelessly, then bring them closer to each other.

9. How to reset my extender to default settings?

Ans. Press the Reset button/hole available on the extender using a paper clip for at least 30 seconds while it is powered on.

10. How to recover my WiFi password?

Ans. Log in to the admin page and reach the settings. You will find the WiFi password under the Extended WiFi section.

11. How can the SSID of the extender be changed?

Ans. The network name or SSID can be changed by accessing the settings of your extender. You will find the option to change the network name under Extended WiFi Settings.

12. What to do when my extender is slow?

Ans. Get the firmware of the extender updated to the updated version to improve the WiFi performance, reboot it often, choose an appropriate location for your extender, and avoid signal interference.

13. How far should my D-Link extender be from the host router?

Ans. Choose a place that is halfway between the host router and the areas with no WiFi access.

14. How to update the firmware on my extender?

Ans. First, download the latest firmware file for the extender model that you own. Then, log in to your extender’s web-based management utility and install the firmware on your extender.

15. How can I reboot my extender?

Ans. Power it off and remove the power plug from the wall outlet. Wait for 30-40 seconds and turn on the power supply.

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